About Accountable Sports Journalism

Sports journalism has been characterized by a series of ethical deficiencies that have challenged the normative standards of the profession. These widespread questionable practices include the blurring of the frontiers between journalistic genres; the pervasiveness of rumour; the “tyranny” of a narrow range of sports; sensationalism; the use of warlike language; the lack of a public service mission; the inequalities in relation to gender, race and disability and the lack of variation in the news sources employed.

Media accountability instruments can play an invaluable role in addressing these shortcomings. Drawing from the findings of the article “Mapping media accountability instruments in sports journalism”, researchers have created the platform “Accountable Sports Journalism” (http://accountablesportsjournalism.org) to compile the most relevant instruments found and make them readily accessible to media practitioners, scholars and students. Here, users can find access to the specialized codes in this area and the stylebooks promoted by major sports media, as well as the recommendations proposed by news agencies, general information outlets and key stakeholders worldwide. Other useful resources, such as chats, online ombudsmen and blogs that look after the standards for and quality of sports content are also available here.

As a dynamic, open and flexible platform, new accountability instruments that emerge in the international context will be monitored and progressively incorporated into this toolkit. Feel free to contribute with further instruments and useful resources you might know of.


Xavier Ramon, PhD. Pompeu Fabra University
xavier.ramon [at] upf.edu / @xramonv

José Luis Rojas, PhD. University of Seville
jlrojas [at] us.es / @rojastorrijos

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